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Best reverse osmosis systems review 2018
Water filtration is a very important part of maintaining your health, and one of the newest crazes in the world of water filters is reverse osmosis. Filters that have been made to apply reverse osmosis filtration techniques are highly effective at removing toxins that might harm your health, and their unique ability to extract harmful chemicals, in particular, makes them a huge hit with people who are looking for some kind of assurance that their water is safe to drink.

The problem here is that reverse osmosis water filtration is a rather new trend, so people have a difficult time finding the right products. Provided below is an in-depth description of what reverse osmosis is, how it works, and the various benefits it provides, essentially a reverse osmosis review. This can help you buy the best reverse osmosis water filtration system. Additionally, a list of the top five reverse osmosis water filters has also been provided, including the best reverse osmosis system for the home. After reading these reviews, you will be able to make an educated decision based on your specific needs.

apec roes 50apec ro 90iSpring RCC7home master tmafciSpring RCC7P-AK
APEC Top Tier ROES-50APEC Top Tier RO-90iSpring RCC7Home Master TMAFCiSpring RCC7-AK
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APEC Top Tier ROES-50

APEC Top Tier ROES-50

APEC Top Tier ROES-50One of the biggest problems that people tend to have with reverse osmosis water filters has to do with the fact that they are so noisy. This can disturb the peaceful environment you may be trying to maintain in your home and can be particularly troublesome for new parents who are still getting used to getting their baby to sleep. This product is great because it provides you with relatively noise-free water filtration, thus allowing you to enjoy your purified water without having to deal with the noise that often comes with it.

However, the noise-free water filtration is not just an added benefit; it is a clear sign that this product filters water in a superior manner. Instead of using the classic reverse osmosis system that a lot of other similar products use, this product filters your water in five steps, thus making the water far purer than it would be should you use any other product.

The five-step filtration system aside, this product is great for large-volume water production. Rather than the slow trickle to medium flow you get with a lot of other reverse osmosis filters on the market, with this product, you are going to get a much heavier flow, thus allowing you to fill up bottles for future use.

Additionally, since it has a five-step filtration process, this product gives you water that is on the cooler side. A lot of the water filtration systems on the market end up heating up the water slightly due to the energy produced during the process, which means that you would have to let the water cool down a little in order to get a nice, refreshing glass. This is not going to be a problem at all while you are using this product.

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APEC Top Tier RO-90

APEC Top Tier RO-90

apec ro 90The reason that a lot of people do not take water filters seriously is partly that they don’t understand the enormous benefits that said water filters could often provide. They also don’t know of the various dangerous substances that tap water often comprises of. This product can remove these impurities from your water entirely, thus making it a lot safer for you to drink. Here is a list of the impurities contained within regular tap water that this product would help eliminate during its filtration process:

  1. Arsenic: This chemical can cause severe digestive problems. Ingesting too much arsenic can cause diarrhea and vomiting, and an extremely high dose can even result in you vomiting blood.
  2. Lead: Yet another heavy metal that is commonly present in water, lead can result in serious damage to your brain. It kills brain cells and can cause fatal brain damage in the long run.
  3. Fluoride: Even though fluoride is considered to be beneficial for your teeth, it is not meant to be ingested. Fluoridated water can end up weakening bones because it prevents them from absorbing calcium. This is particularly harmful to children since their bones are in the development stage.
  4. Bacteria: There are all kinds of bacteria present in tap water such as E. coli. These bacteria can cause serious illnesses and are especially harmful to children.

The amount of toxins and impurities that this reverse osmosis filter removes from your drinking water is phenomenal and a big reason why you should consider buying it. Most people tend to think of a water filter as an unnecessary expense, but the truth of the matter is that it is a highly useful tool that would go a long way toward improving your overall health.

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iSpring RCC7

iSpring RCC7

iSpring RCC7The wastage of water is one of the biggest crimes of humanity. We often don’t know how much water we are wasting because we don’t know the sources of this wastage. One of the biggest sources of water wastage is an improper water filter. This is because these filters are often poorly designed and leak a lot of water into the drain, where it ends up becoming impossible for you to access. One of the main benefits of this product is that it has been specially designed to reduce water wastage, thus taking care of one of the biggest criticisms that reverse osmosis water filters tend to face.

The lack of water wastage will result in a lower water bill and more importantly, it will be so much better for the environment. This water filter is going to be particularly useful in areas like California that frequently see droughts since water conservation in such areas is of paramount importance.

Another major benefit of purchasing this product is that it is going to make you and your kids more inclined to drink water over anything else. People tend to avoid water in spite of its enormous health benefits, partly because it does not taste as good as soda and juice. These other fluids are not nearly as healthy as water and can actually cause quite a bit of damage, thereby making it difficult for your kids to develop strong joints and the like. With this reverse osmosis filter, your water is going to start tasting so pure and fresh that you and your family would be naturally inclined to drink it over any other fluid. While it would obviously not taste as fizzy or sweet as soda, it would still taste good enough that a natural craving would be established.

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Home Master TMAFC

Home Master TMAFC

home master tmafcOne of the things that make this particular reverse osmosis filtration system superior is the fact that the water cleansing process is not haphazard or rushed. Instead, the water is put through seven levels of filtration. During each of these levels, a lot of the toxicity present within the water is removed.

This gradual purification of the water may take a little more time than it would with other products in this category, but it is important to note that the resulting quality of water is much higher as well. Instead of all of the filtration processes and steps being applied at the same time, often resulting in water that is half purified and half toxic, the step-by-step filtration removes toxins and impurities one at a time. This results in water that is superior in quality, so much so that you are going to notice it in the way the water tastes!

Taste is a particularly important aspect of the water this reverse osmosis filter will provide you with. One of the reasons that the water this filter produces is so tasty is the fact that it adds minerals in abundance. The variety of minerals is more diverse than you would expect as well. Instead of just calcium or magnesium, you get both.

Plus, two of the steps in the seven-step process are dedicated to adding these minerals to the water. This results in a far more balanced taste as the minerals do not overpower the natural, pure flavor of the water due to them being suddenly added to the mixture. Rather, the minerals subtly enhance the water’s flavor, thus resulting in an extremely balanced glass of water that is refreshing and extremely healthy as well.

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iSpring RCC7-AK

iSpring RCC7-AK

iSpring RCC7P-AKThis product is widely known for its superior filtration process. You are, after all, buying a product that is meant to help you filter your water until it is as clean as possible. The fact that this water filter gives you the ability to clean out particles that would barely be visible under a microscope will ensure that you are left with a supply of pure water. The main benefit of this is that you are no longer going to have to use bottled water, which can be dangerous because of the traces of plastic that can be found in it, thus helping you ensure the health of your family and greatly reducing the overall costs.

If you are concerned about the loss of minerals that are necessary for maintaining health, fear not! This product has a remineralization process that would add calcium to your water even after it has been filtered. This calcium is actually going to be even more beneficial for your health since it is going to be so much cleaner than what you might be getting in your natural water supply. Additionally, this process would ensure that you only get those minerals that are good for you. A lot of the minerals in water can be toxic to your health, even in trace amounts, so this product is worth the money you would be spending on it.

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What is Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis is a process of filtration whereby a liquid, in this case water, is passed through a membrane porous enough to let liquid components travel through freely but dense enough that any solid elements, essentially all impurities, are left on the other side.

Reserve Osmosis happens to the process of filtering liquids, water in this case, if filtered by making it pass through a membrane that is porous to the extent that it permits the liquid to pass through it freely, however, are dense to the extent that it will check the passage of the solid particles of the water contaminants and leaving those impurities on the other side of the membrane.

In today’s time, the market has got the availability of various households as well as commercial RO filtration systems that serves the filtration of water and other liquids, as involved in a case to case basis. The cutting-edge models of these units come effective in eliminating the most stubborn impurities like fluorides, arsenic, pesticides, insecticides as well as other contaminants, dissolved in the water. As a matter of fact, these instruments are making major contributions in addressing the scarcity of impurities-free drinking water.

These units come with various features and across various filtrations and storage capacities that are suitable for the studio flats to the largest housing projects. The Units from the top manufacturers display robust functionality and comes highly effective in recycling waste water and thus, safeguarding the natural reserve of water.

How it works

Water is initially stored in a reservoir that is connected directly to your house’s tap water supply. A second reservoir is separated from the first by a membrane that will initially hold the water in place. This membrane is porous, but not porous enough that the water would automatically seep through to the other reservoir. Hence, a pressure valve is used.

Once you turn the pressure valve on, the water in the first reservoir is squeezed through the membrane. Only liquid is able to make it through to the other side, so the impurities such as lead remain trapped in the filter. Often, a second filtration is also used to get rid of things like chlorine and arsenic in the water, thus resulting in water that is perfectly drinkable.

The unique benefit of reverse osmosis can be seen here. As the process of filtration is natural, you do not have to worry about any contaminants leaking through during the filtration process itself. Instead, you can just sit back and enjoy your nice, refreshing drink of water.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work

In the Osmosis water filtration process, Water is stored in a tank that will have the direct connection with the main supply Tap of the house. The process of Reverse Osmosis requires a secondary reservoir that will be segregated from the primary storage tank by a membrane, whose primary function is to restrict the mixing of the water in these 2 units. This semi-permeable membrane of the water filtration system should be porous, only to the extent that it can check the water in these 2 tanks to automatically seep and mix. Thus, to ensure that the water flows in one direction only, the mechanism features the use of a pressure valve in the Reserve Osmosis system, in between the tanks.

If the pressure valve of the Osmosis Water Filters is turned on, water from the primary storage tank is squeezed through in the intermediate membrane. The membrane in the water purification system allows the liquid only to pass through it and it taps the impurities, dissolved in water. In the top rated reverse osmosis, the reverse Osmosis method involves a secondary phase of filtration with the objective of eliminating the following impurities to produce clean drinking water:

  • Arsenic.
  • Chlorine & Chloramine.
  • Lead.
  • Sulfates & Nitrates.
  • Fluoride.
  • Pesticides & detergents.

Once the water pressure valve of the Osmosis System pushes the water to pass through the membrane as well as the secondary filters, that are usually sediments of carbon, the impurities dissolved in water gets eliminated out and eventually, it is flushed out of the drain of the water filter, leaving behind pure and completely impurities-free water for drinking and serving other utilities. Hence, you get the output of bottled water quality.

stage filtration ro system

It will be especially relevant to state that in the cutting-edge Reserve Osmosis system, the manufacturers adopt 4 to 5-phase of filtration to ensure the supply of the best quality water. The Reverse Osmosis technology has gained popularity since 1977 and since then, the efficiency, ease of maintenance as well as the reasonable price of this water purification system has paved the way for a massive rise and popularity of the Osmosis filter system for residential water filtration, across the globe.

The question that comes up in this regard is about the key benefits that the Osmosis system can offer to the users. Most importantly, this filtration process is completely natural and is free from the utilization of artificial and synthetic external elements and agents. Thus, there are no questions for the filtration system, adding more impurities in the water, in the course of the filtration. On the other hand, neither you will have to perform any additional tasks manually, nor the process takes the larger extent of time. It is an ongoing process that makes the water, 100% impurities-free, healthy and safe for drinking, resembling the standard of mineral water.

It requires a special mention about the water filtering system is that it makes a significant contribution in the recycling of water and hence, preserves the natural reserve. In areas, wherein there is the scarcity of supply in the public water or problems like the water is excessively high in the content of arsenic, fluoride and other impurities, the RO system is the only effective tool that does quality water filtration and ensures the supply of great tasting water in the adequate volume and additionally, the system minerals the water. Hence, the Osmosis technology gets the endorsement of the water specialists for treating water problems.

Main parts

There are at least two reservoirs in every reverse osmosis water filtration system. The first reservoir is where your water is initially stored, and the second reservoir is where your filtered water is stored. The porous membrane, or filter, lies between these two reservoirs. The pressure valve is what forces the water through the filter. Often, reverse osmosis water filters that have a multiple-step process have multiple reservoirs, but for the purpose of keeping the filters as small as possible, the number of reservoirs is restricted to three or at most four, even in filters that have a seven-step filtration process.

seven-step filtration process ro system

Usually, the residential Reverse Osmosis units get installed under the sink in the kitchen. The key components of the filtration system are listed as follows

  • Reservoirs: the standard storage capacities of these water storage tanks vary in between 2 and 4-gallon water. To retain the adequate functional pressure, a bladder is included inside the water tank for storing cold water. In the standard forms, these tanks of the filter systems feature dimensions of 15 and 12 inches for the length and breadth.
  • RO Membrane: the reverse osmosis membranes are the principal operating component of the reserve osmosis plants, and usually, these systems feature the semi-permeable membrane that filters water through the elimination of the dissolved impurities, serving fresh water. Once the water flows through this membrane, it accumulates in the water storage tank in a pressurized state.
  • Water Line Valve: this valve gets fitted on the path of the water line and its purpose is to ensure that the incoming water flows in the direction of the pre-filter only. This actually serves as the feeding channel for the Osmosis filter system through which the water enters into the system.
  • Pre-Filter: this phase usually involves the carbon filters that do the initial filtration of the impurities in the water that are usually sand, dirt and other particles that can form a clogging in the Home reverse osmosis system. Thus, this stage of filtration actually serves as a sediment filter for the RO filtration membrane, preventing the chances of damages to the filter by the deposits and sediments of the water contaminants or the flow of Acidic water and saline water.
  • Post Filter: in between the time the water moves between the storage tank of the Osmosis unit and the faucet, it passes through these post filters that does the final water purification for serving clean water. In this phase, odor and water taste, if any, in addition to the fine water pollutants, gets eliminated to prepare reserve osmosis filtered, best water for serving. The post filter serves the desalination of water as well.
  • Automated Shut-off Valve: to preserve water, an automated Shut-off valve gets incorporated into the osmosis filtration systems that automatically shut down, when the storage tank of the Osmosis plants is full. This prevents the chances of unnecessary draining of water in the course of the Osmosis method.
  • Flow Restrictor: for regulating the rate of water flow through the RO membrane, the system includes a regulator for retaining the adequate flow of water for the system to function in the right manner. In addition, to regulate the flow of water, this device, regulates the pressure of the water coming into the tank. In the majority of the cases of the top brand reverse osmosis systems, this device is installed on the RO drain line.
  • Faucet: the Faucet of the stage system usually, gets installed on the sink in the kitchen. Depending on the regulations for the plumbing framework, in some instances, the air gap faucet is used in these systems, though, in the majority of the cases, the models of non-air gap types are the most commonly used options in the filtration systems.
  • Drain Line: this line spans between the outlet terminals of the RO Membrane to the drainage system for the exhaust of the contaminated water. This part of the Osmosis Filter serves the elimination of the waste water that contains the contaminants and the impurities. Remember, the smooth functioning of the stage water filtration system majorly depends on the efficiency of this exhaust system.

Installation and Maintenance

Before you start the installation process, you should open the shipping package and check that you have got all the components. Remember, you have to install the filter, adhering to the plumbing rules, prevailing in your area.

The Step starts with the installation of the faucet you should place it in a position so that the faucet exhausts in the sink. Subsequently, you will require mounting the faucet. Note, depending on the guideline from the local municipality, you might require the air gap models. After the faucet has been mounted, you will require installing the sink. Once this step gets completed, you will require installing the Valve on the water tubing. The installation process gets completed with the installation of the RO units and placing the supply tank.

ro installation

You have the option for completing the installation process by your own or you may engage professional assistance for completion of the process. Although availing the professional help will escalate the setup costs, however, you can complete the process within the minimum time and with flawless perfection. However, the top providers offer the installation services, free of cost and hence, you need not worry about the escalation of the cost to set up the filtration unit.

Once you have successfully installed the unit and you start using the system, you will require maintaining the system from time to time to retain the smooth functionality of the machine. Keep in mind that you can significantly enhance the lifespan of the machine if you regularly maintaining it. These small efforts will enable you to escape the threats of incurring extravagant expenses, for undergoing major repairs or completely replacing the unit. Fortunately, you will require putting the minimum efforts and time to upkeep the machine and keeping it functional for the longest span of time.

So far the maintenance of these units, the major part of the effort will revolve around the RO membranes and the pre and post filters. This is because, these units play the major role in filtering the contaminated water and hence, sediments of the pollutants keep on accumulating on its surfaces. In addition, you will require giving time to the drainage systems as sediments keep on gathering along this pathway as well. In addition, you will require cleaning all other parts of the filter so that all the challenges related to the malfunctioning of the machine can be completely overcome.

So far the maintenance of these units is concerned, in addition to upkeep the machine of your own, you will require engaging the professional hands, at least twice or thrice in a year. The skills and expertise of these professionals will help you to win over the most stubborn challenges that can affect the systems. Though these services come at a cost, these nominal expenses will keep the machine functional for the longest span and hence, you reap the highest return on your investment in the machine as well as to upkeep the device.


There are a number of different benefits associated with drinking water treated via reverse osmosis. These benefits are quite diverse and have to do with every aspect of your water, thus resulting in an optimized drinking experience. You would also notice that these benefits have to do with more than just drinking water; they have to do with all the other uses of tap water as well. The various benefits associated with using reverse osmosis to treat your water are as follows:

  1. Improved Taste: If you feel like the water you are drinking is not very pleasant to taste, this is because most tap water is chock full of heavy metals, bacteria, and a number of other impurities. These impurities have a strong taste and, thus, leave you water with that unpleasant taste you experience when you drink it. Using reverse osmosis water filters can remove these impurities, thus resulting in much better tasting water. As a result of your water tasting better, you would be more inclined to drink it, thus keeping you fully hydrated over the course of the day.
  2. Reduces Contamination: People often don’t realize this, but tap water these days comes with so many impurities and contaminants that it can be hazardous to your health. Apart from impurities, tap water can contain bacteria and even parasites that your system would be unable to remove for a very long while. Through reverse osmosis, you can make your tap water a lot safer to drink, thereby ensuring that you no longer have to worry about getting sick simply because of the water you are drinking. This is particularly beneficial for people with young children that they want to protect.
  3. Energy Efficient: One of the primary reasons people don’t like to use water filters is that they use up a lot of electricity. Higher-than-average electricity bills can take a bite out of your savings, so it is understandable that you would not want to buy something that would increase your overall expenses. Reverse osmosis water filters are notable for using far less electricity than other systems of water filtration, thus making them a useful option for people who don’t want to end up spending extra on their electricity bill just so they can get clean water.
  4. Compact: Another reason that people often avoid using water filters is that they are cumbersome and take up a lot of space. This can be rather annoying for people who don’t have very large homes, but thankfully, such people can use reverse osmosis water filters instead. These filters are known for being extremely compact and easy to fit into spaces under your sink, thus making them perfect for people who just don’t have the sort of room for a bigger filter. Besides, reverse osmosis filters are better, so why get a different, cumbersome filter in the first place?
  5. Easy to Maintain: Most electric water filters are a nightmare to maintain. You would have to clean them out every week. Not cleaning them for more than ten days can result in highly impure water with the filtered contaminants flooding your supply, and you are pretty much going to wish you hadn’t bothered buying them in the first place. With reverse osmosis water filters, this is not going to be a problem at all! All you would have to do is change the filter twice a year, and that would be the end of that.
  6. Customizable: Instead of just having one filtration setting, reverse osmosis water filters have a multiple-step purification process. The main benefit of this is that you can set which level of purification you want, so if you don’t want any of the minerals extracted, you can remove the steps that would leach these nutrients from your water. This helps you get exactly the kind of water you want, making it ideal for daily use. This can really help you customize the taste of your water as well as allow you to get the slightly “hard” taste of water that’s chock full of minerals.
  7. Reduces Expenses: Having to buy mineral water every so often can build up to be an enormous expense. This is why so many people can save money by using reverse osmosis water filters. As your tap water is now so pure, you would have no need to buy bottled water at all, so you can save on those long-term costs. It also doesn’t hurt that the water you filter yourself is a lot more reliable and, thus, a very popular option for a great many people who want to ensure their continued health.

If you want to buy the best RO system, read the reverse osmosis system reviews provided below.